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Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages 






President of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages



 Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages was founded on November 8, 1994. 

SamSIFL has been doing its best in improving the language instruction and achieved certain success in preparing the qualified specialists in this sphere. Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages is known as one of the leading language teaching institutions in preparing specialists in many foreign languages not only in Samarkand, but also all over Central Aisa.

SamSIFL has been doing its utmost to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with higher educational institutions in many countries of the world as long-term partners since its foundations in 1994. Our collaboration with these organizations covers the spheres of research, education, and culture.

The institute closely cooperates with international organizations such as the British Council (BC), German Service of the Academic Exchange (DAAD), Goethe Institute, ERASMUS +, JICA, KOICA, JSV and Embassies of Foreign countries in Uzbekistan.SSIFL

The Institute has signed about 50 Agreements on scientific and scientific - technical cooperation with higher educational establishments, international organizations and scientific centers of foreign countries of the world. Cooperation with the universities of UK, USA, Russian Federation, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, Egypt, Mongolia and Kazakhstan is developing actively.

There are 3 faculties and 14 chairs functioning at the institute at the moment:

English language faculty (English Language and Literature);

Roman-German Languages Faculty (Philology: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish);

Faculty of Translation Theory and Practice (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic languages, translation theory and practice).

Currently there are more than 2.500 BA students, including 3 foreign students and 150 MA students studying at the institute.

Additionally, 14 Doctors of Science professors, 67 PhD degree holders, 250 teachers, as well as 14 foreign specialists teach at our institute.           


Undergraduate students of the following fields are prepared employment in the system of public education and tourism:

English Language and Literature, English Philology, German, Philology, French Philology, Italian Philology, Spanish Philology, Korean Philology, Japanese Philology, Chinese Philology, Arabic Philology, Translation Theory and Practice

         The following specializations are available for the students of master`s degree course:

Linguistics (English, German, French, Translation Theory and Practice (English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japan.)


The Regional Language Learning Center of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages offers Uzbek, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other language courses for native and international students in individual and group studies. Students have an opportunity to use all facilities and library-materials of the SamSIFL.

Besides we organize summer and winter courses for the students of foreign Universities.


In accordance with the agreement between The Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Confucius Institute Headquarters, Shanghai International Studies University and Samarkand State of Foreign Languages, the Confucius Institute under SamSIFL was established in November 2014.

This Institute is open for everybody who wishes to study the Chinese language, literature and culture.


The Institute's strategic planning process, has been designed to identify evolving needs and challenges and to create a practical and revisable framework for allocating resources and training foreign language specialists. Samarkand State Institute of Foreign languages has begun negotiations with foreign universities and international organizations to strengthen International cooperation with them and implement joint initiatives and projects that allows preparing highly skilled and competitive graduates, who in the future will be able to make a significant contribution to teaching foreign languages and development in our country and to offer new ideas for solving a variety of problems, using modern information and pedagogical technology. 


Add. Bustonsaroy street 93, Samarkand 140104, Samarkand city, Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel .+99866 233-61-74
Fax. +998662100018