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Summer school


The Summer School includes

  • Intensive language course (Uzbek)
  • Courses and excursions on culture and everyday life
  • Contact and cooperation with local students


1. Intensive Language Course

The language course is organized in small learner groups of 10 participants maximum. The curriculum includes grammar, exercises (with media support) and conversation practise. The course aims at familiarizing the students with the Uzbek alphabet (Latin-based) and orthography, basic morphology and grammatical structures, proficiency in basic standard situations, reading and understanding of simple texts confined to basic grammar, and writing of very simple texts. The course concludes with a written and oral examination and will be marked according to the ECTS. The successful participant will be credited 10 ECTS, participants without a minimum of „pass“ for the final exam will receive 6 ECTS.


The Summer School offers two options:

-      Course for beginners without any pre-knowledge of the Uzbek language

-      Course for slightly advanced learners who have a minimum of 1 year of Uzbek, or 2 years of another Turkic language

Sammer school fee: 650 euro 

The language courses are run by experienced teachers from the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages in cooperation with a language teacher of the Central Asian Seminar of Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin, relying on the methodology developed at Humboldt Universitaet and applied, among others, in DAAD-sponsored summer schools co-organized by that university and SSIFL since 2003. Course materials in German are available; the language of instruction will be German and English. SSIFL provides all state-of-the-art teaching equipment.

Some practical language classes will be delivered outside the SSIFL campus in accordance with the excursion program.


2. Seminars on Culture and Everyday Life

The daily teaching program is completed by seminars on selected topics of the distant and recent history of Samarkand and Uzbekistan; geography and environmental issues; ethnography and folklore; economy of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries; political developments. Additional subjects can be offered according to individual needs of students (e.g. Youth issues, local cuisine, music, religion…).

Depending on unpredictable opportunities, the students may be invited to wedding and/or circumcision parties or other special events.


3. Cultural Events and Study Excursions

Taking into account the specific needs of students, the Summer School program will include cultural events (concerts, museum excursions, encounters with intellectuals and/or artists, etc.) and study excursions within Samarkand.


Optional program offerings are a two-days (weekend) excursion to the historical sites of Bukhara and/or Shahrisabz. Accommodation and other personal expenses during excursions are not included in the Summer School participation fee but need to be covered by the students themselves.



Visiting students will live in hostels, where local tutors will be available for provision of help with the students’ homework during the evening hours. The Summer School administration can provide assistance with booking. Hostel stay is not a part of the course fee.


5. Cooperation with Local Students

Local students will be involved in provision of administrative support in delivering the course as well as during excursions and various social activities outside class hours.

The visiting students will be connected with their local peers, who will show them around Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, and Samarkand city. The local students will provide some sight-seeing support and help the visiting students get around during the orientation day. Uzbek students will advice the course participants on everyday life in Samarkand and organize more informal social activities and events in cooperation with the administration of the Summer school.


6. Duration of the Summer School

The teaching program of the Summer School extends to 3 weeks of language course, thematical seminars, and excursions. For an additional 1 week stay at Samarkand or environs, aimed at the pursuit of individual study and/or research projects, teaching staff of SSIFL are available for advice and supervision as desired by the respective students. 


7. Transfer from/to Tashkent Airport

Transfer from/to Tashkent airport from/to Samarkand can be arranged by the Summer School administration if needed. The costs need to be paid by the visiting students.


8. Visa, Registration, Insurance

Once accepted, students will be provided a visa support letter by SSIFL, which they need when applying to their Uzbek embassies for a visa. Visa costs need to be covered by the students themselves. SSIFL supports Summer School participants with local registration. All students are advised to conclude an individual travel insurance according to their personal needs before departing for Samarkand.